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The Nudist Idea

“If inquirers wish to read the bare minimum to be informatively conversant about nudism, I recommend Cec Cinder’s The Nudist Idea (if I owned only one book about nudism, this would be it)…”

Mark Storey, Editor, N: Nude & Natural

$24.95 plus $4.05 S/H. CA residents please add $2.18 sales tax.


Published in 1905 in Germany, this is the first translation into English of the first nudist book, a century later.

$17.95 plus $3.05 S/H. CA residents please add $1.48 sales tax.

Naked Fear

Dennis Craig Smith explores the puzzling varied attitudes towards nudity.

$17.95 plus $3.05 S/H. CA residents please add $1.48 sales tax.

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