37.1 Nude & Natural Magazine

37.1 Nude & Natural Magazine

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This cover embodies our 2017 gathering theme—Naturists…together in strength and love. Whether its kids in the pool, nude yoga, drumming circle, or posing for the camera, naturist gatherings are great fun for all ages.

This issue leads off with N Sight Edo Nudity’s Fullness of Life, followed by a look at Nudist Prank Phone Calls by Mark Storey. The Naturist Society Foundation talks about Charitable Giving: What’s in your Heart? In addition there is a brief look at a short video on the NEF Research Library and an interesting article on Nudity and Preserving Naturist History. The results of the recent NAC/NEF Board Election is revealed and a moving memorial on Dr. Johanna Moore-Baxandall is also featured in this issue.

Paul LeValley, head of the Professors and Researchers SIG gives a report on Nude Swimming in School, and Leonard Lehrman writes about the Opera-Musical Theatre SIG. Next up are the gathering reports from The Eastern Naturist Gathering, the Midwinter Festival, the Naturist Family Youth Camp at Sunsport Gardens, the Western Naturist Gathering at Sun Meadow and last up the Northeast Naturist Festival at Empire Haven. Read all about these fun events. A member shares his first Philly Naked Bike Ride and Bob Morton reports on NAC to Naturists We’ve Got Your Back. Gary Mussell talks about Bates Beach in California and we end this issue with Kissing Fanny and a review of Nancy Casey’s new book Self Transformation.

Relive those summer memories and pick up this issue today.


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