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36.4 Nude & Natural Magazine

36.4 Nude & Natural Magazine

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A day of “naking” in Vermont gives way to beautiful views atop Baker Peak while being fully immersed in nature. Read all about “Making the Most of a Day of Naking” with Michael and Tracy Horgan in this issue of N magazine.

This issue leads off with N Sight and a look at Nudity’s Mardi Gras Market Exchange, then on to a look at Our New Journey as The Naturist Society Foundation with profiles on the five board members who will help us on this journey. While Mark Storey’s “Laughing at Nudist” is sure to give everyone a chuckle or two, Ken Lackmann shares his Grand Canyon adventure with us, and SCNA’s President Rolf Holbach introduces us to “The Pink Lady of Malibu.” Christopher Dyer hopped on his bike and joined the 18th annual WNBR in Boston, and Richard Mason updates us on Haulover Beach…after the shark attack!

We offer another TreeSpirit Redwoods Experience, and nude full moon hiking, along with an update on Playa Sonrisa, and clothesfree Travel on the Riviera Maya. Rounding out the issue is a “Wedding at Sea” and “European Nudist Vacations” along with our usual Letters to the Editor, the Marketplace and Naturist Network.

Another don’t want to miss issue.


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