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36.3 Nude & Natural Magazine

36.3 Nude & Natural Magazine

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A rainbow of spring desert wildflowers and a lonely desert iguana grace the cover of this issue of N magazine. Read all about nude hiking amidst this flowering landscape in an informative and entertaining article by our very own Master Gardener Kathy Blanchard.

This issue is chock full of humorous articles and nude recreation education for everyone. We celebrate the 13th year of World Naked Gardening with a report on WNGD co-founder Mark Storey who was interviewed and photographed by Seattle Times writer Erik Lacitis. While Paul LeValley wrote a very informative article on the History of nude youth camps in America.

TNS Lifetime Member Max Bochman shares his very interesting story of surviving cancer. We travel to Costa Rica, Belize, and a carnival cruise with various Naturist Society members and Mark Storey tells about a new venture in Seattle—Float tanks…in the nude, of course.

The very important NAC/NEF ballot appears in this issue along with brief bios on five Naturist Society members who have thrown their hats into the ring. Vote TODAY!

There is a very nice profile on long-time naturist/nudist Turner Stokes, as well as a visit to Turtle Back Mesa, the camera club at Cypress Cove, and Mike Cooney shares hints on taking “good” photos.

Of course, there is the usual N Sight, Letters, and a humorous review by Ruth Percey.

Once again, there is a little something for everyone!


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